Sorting through the business of nonprofits, so you can focus on what you do best.

Keeping up with the various requirements by the IRS and other regulatory authorities can be quite overwhelming to those running a nonprofit. The burdens imposed by these requirements may feel like they are diverting valuable resources away from supporting the organization’s mission and programs.  However, compliance is necessary to ensure that the organization can continue to operate and most efficiently devote resources to its mission.  Contact me to talk about how I can help you with that.

Emily Robertson, Non Profit Attorney Biography

Emily began working in the nonprofit sector during college, and has not strayed far from it since.  She believes that the nonprofit sector plays an indispensible role in giving a voice to underserved communities.  The combined experience of working both within the nonprofit community and as an advisor to nonprofits has provided her with the ability to understand both the culture within the organization and the particular demands that nonprofits face on a daily basis.  By focusing her entire practice on the nonprofit community, she is able to better advise organizations on the unique issues that affect the sector.   

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Practice Areas

  • Drafting and review of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • Initial Application for federal tax exemption
  • Ongoing counsel on federal tax compliance issues
  • Lobbying and policy advocacy compliance rules
  • State and Federal tax reporting requirements
  • Governance and best practices
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Mergers and Dissolutions
  • Drafting, review and implementation of workplace policies
  • Hiring and termination practices
  • State and federal employment law compliance issues

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1st Annual Robertson Law Office Santa Lawyer Contest

Instead of sending out holiday cards, I prefer to give a contribution in honor of my clients to a local organization.  Last year, I chose that organization myself – this year, you get to help me!  Beginning on December 1st, I will be taking recommendations via my Twitter account (@RLOonNonprofits) of organizations that you think are worthy of my donation this year.  I will also be posting pictures daily (mostly) with holiday themed items that I own, wear, etc. for purposes of indicating my self-proclaimed status as Santa Lawyer.  The rules:

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